They do have one to share with you right?

A memory and heirloom of a fabulous day from probably what is at least 50 years ago.

From your grandmother’s bridal preparations through the ceremony, from that first look to that first kiss, before your parents even existed.

There’s a beautiful timeless film that captured the entire day and preserved it for all time.

What do you mean it doesn’t exist?

At the time, some really believe their money will be better spent on a free bar or some stuff that will be left on the table at the end of the evening that no one really cares about. But ask that same question after the wedding and

My own (maternal) grandparents were married in January 1941 in Somerset.

There was a war on so they had to get special permission and were limited in what they could do and who could be there.

They didn’t have even an official photographer, never mind any form of video capture.

A friend who was a keen amateur was there. Someone who was into his photography and had “a good camera”.

One single grainy, blurry picture exists.

For their honeymoon, they got on the first train heading towards the coast. Any coast. It happened to be Lyme Regis and that is where they spent a few days and that in itself is (another) story.

On the way there (or back) they had 2 photos taken at a railway station. It was a ‘big thing’ for sweethearts to do this back then as the railway station usually meant off to war.

My grandmother kept one picture in a wallet and my grandfather the other.

At the time of writing, he stills carries it to this day, almost 80 years later. My grandmother we lost a decade ago. I have her copy of that picture on my office desk.

I wish I had a copy of their wedding film. But it does not exist because it never existed. Yours can…