Hybrid is a word that is becoming more familiar in terms of wedding capture.

It is essentially the combined approach of photography and video, at the same time.

Traditionally, we used to have photographers in one camp and videographers in another, but partly due to tech and partly due to how we see and use media, the the two are increasingly seen together available in one package…though it is still somewhat rare!

I started out as a pure photographer, ie, did not and had zero interest in video capture.

I perceived ‘wedding video’ as something dull and the complete antithesis of photography.

But that perception was initially gradually eroded and eventually replaced with an understanding that both can work in harmony.

This is what I have spent a large part of the last 10 years of my career developing, – that ability to capture stills and shoot video at the same time.

I classify capture under 3 broad titles:

Photography = exactly what you expect the definition to mean, ie, click and capture a single or series of images.

Filming = the considered capture of parts of an event and then edited into a single piece as a short film.

Video = the static (tripod) continuous capture of the full ceremony and the full speeches including audio in order to produce a full version of each.

So for me, hybrid capture is combining photography and filming with video being an option.

But how is it even possible?!

Tech + practice practice practice.

It’s like juggling…

Would you expect to be handed 7 cups & saucers and juggle them whilst riding a unicycle with zero experience or practise?

No, of course not, it would be utterly ridiculous, but does that mean someone else can’t do it?

Well yes because we are aware that various circus acts and performers can do things like this so it’s possible.

The reality of hybrid capture for weddings is that the tech whilst improving all the time, has existed for a loooooooong time. It’s just got better and made it easier and continues to do so each year.

The biggest difference…the factor that makes it possible, is the operator.

First, he/she/you have to want to do it for the ‘right’ reasons and if the reason is simply to make a few extra quid, your reasons are possibly not quite right for it to succeed.

I personally love films/movies and quality TV productions. For 20 years, I have barely been able to watch anything without seeing the production values and cinematography from a photographers viewpoint. For the last 10 or so years, also from a filmmakers viewpoint.

So I started juggling with just 2 cups & saucers a decade ago and since that time, every year have added another cup & saucer and few years back, the unicycle.

Hybrid wedding photography/capture has been for several years, simply a second-nature process to me as equally unquestionable as photography or filming/videography alone.

It’s what I do.

Here’s a link to the most recent wedding of this kind, – full photo & filming coverage: Charlotte & Thibault