Probably the most important words you can read, are not mine below, but those of my clients on that > side of the page.  But below is a brief summary in mine.


This is probably the number one thing I offer. From start to finish, I am committed to providing you with not only the best and most comprehensive photography & filming service available, but actual experience. This is something often overlooked. From the discussions prior to you booking, through the build up to your wedding and all the advice given, on the day and after until we have concluded with the final print & presentation options, I will hold your hand and guide you.


Experience counts for a huge amount in this business. All seasons, all weathers, all situations (good & bad!), the ability to adapt and overcome is a skill that really only comes with experience. It’s often the difference between poor-average results and exceptional. To date, I’ve shot over 650 weddings over 17 years and on 4 continents, from weddings for 2 to weddings with over 400 guests. Many cultures, religions, same sex weddings, there is little I haven’t become acquainted with.


To that, we can also add the word comprehensive. It’s easier to do one or two things well, but in doing so, miss X, Y or Z. My approach is to capture your day from start to finish and include A-Z. Quality of results however is something that can only be judged by you based on the visual evidence provided. This website should do that.


I can’t say this is unique as more and more are offering it, but I have been for more than 10 years. This has allowed me to hone and refine the approach which is very tricky to master. I’m still honing and refining it each year, but it’s pretty good for those that also want a video element to the capture of their day!


It’s too easy these days to offer you a files only package. Many do. I don’t and never will. Research shows that less than 10% of couples ever do anything beyond print a couple of pictures, usually for the parents mantlepiece, even a couple of years after their wedding. And the longer they leave it, the less likely they are to. So all my clients take away something printed in either the form of a book or set of boxed prints.


I think this is pretty important. Flying in and out from another country has many disadvantages & drawbacks. Since moving to live in France full-time and living & breathing weddings in France ever since, has made me realise I needed to adapt from how I covered and captured weddings in the UK. You need a good few under your belt to realise this.


I offer an option for a ½ day coverage the day prior. You can read more about this here and why it is important. Over 90% of all couples take this up. It includes: pre-wedding meeting, full recce and background landscape/architectural shoot, relaxed practice couple only shoot and usually low-key, documentary coverage of whatever you have planned the evening prior such as; rehearsal dinner, BBQ, pig roast, mobile pizza van or similar. It adds around typically 30-40% more coverage to your wedding and ensures we are not strangers on your wedding day which is key to getting the results that I do.

Wedding day starts early. Usually at least 2-3 hours before ceremony with bride and groom prep. I usually flit between the two, low-key ‘fly on the wall’.

Ceremony, low key. (The term ‘low-key’ is going to come up a lot!)Post ceremony drinks reception.

Everywhere, yet…low-key. A handful of relaxed family groups, a discrete (zero cheese), couple session.

Speeches. Low key!

Dancing. NOT low-key. It’s time to get amongst it!

There’s really not much more to say other than the above which is; start early, finish late, don’t watch the clock, remain mostly unobtrusive but lightly direct those few elements at the appropriate time. Ensure it remains your wedding day and not some overbearing photoshoot.

Finally, around 30-35% of couples also book the day after. It depends what you have planned, but I have covered everything from tame brunches to wild pool parties, from wine & cheese tasting, to BBQ’s and outdoor cinema parties.

The bottom line for me is this. I love what I do. I wouldn’t still be doing it if I didn’t. The best results come from the best weddings. The best weddings are the one’s where you let me in, – where I become an insider, not an ‘on the day supplier’. The difference is huge.

If you haven’t read them yet, the testimonials over there > are straight off Google Reviews. To read the originals and many others, click here.



When searching for our wedding photographer we set out to find someone who was able to capture the various moments in our special day in a very natural and artistic way. When we came across Simon’s work, we instantly fell in love with the mood and style of photography that he had in his portfolio, it was exactly what we were looking for. Simon is a very passionate guy and will make the extra effort to advise you on all the little details of the day. We had the great pleasure of meeting with Simon the day before the wedding which we strongly advise all couples to do as it totally put our minds at ease knowing the great down-to-earth guy behind the camera. It also made the day itself super easy and extremely comfortable as he would just blend in and give guidance where needed. Even when we had to make last minute weather dependant decisions, Simon was there to help and give his honest and professional opinion. We really enjoyed his proactive attitude as he did not only take on his given title as ‘the photographer’ but really helped out to make sure the whole day ran as smoothly as possible as he was always two steps ahead of the rest of us and we are truly grateful for this. When it comes to the photos themselves, we have the tremendous joy of being able to relive the day and all of its magical moments as the pictures beautifully tell our story in a way we could never have imagined. We loved everything about our beautiful wedding location and the atmosphere it created to be able to intimately celebrate with all our beloved family and friends, and all this that was important to us, Simon was really able to capture down to the smallest of details so we cannot thank him enough! We wish Simon all the best for the future and hope he can make many more couples as happy as he has made us! Much love from Tamasine & Paul

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in France you can stop now – Simon is fantastic. From the moment I contacted him he made me feel at ease and ensured the process from finding him to getting to our wedding day was exceptionally smooth. Simon invited us to come and meet him before the wedding in France and this meant we got to know each other and he gave us some great tips for the day. On the wedding day Simon was incredible. He kept us calm when the rain came, he guided us through the day and both of us felt incredibly relaxed in his company. During our photos at times we completely forgot he was there and this allowed us to get relaxed and natural photographs. Simon’s style of photography really suited us and we absolutely love the end result. One tip from us if you are thinking of booking Simon, get the filming (video) package, it’s the best memory of our incredible wedding and for that we will forever be thankful to Simon for capturing it so perfectly. Antoinette & Isaac

Simon is the most professional, pleasant and talented photographer you could wish for at your wedding. From the minute he arrived at our château, he put a slightly nervous bride and groom (it was the perpetual rain) perfectly at ease, and gave us the assurance of his many years of experience, leaving us feeling confident and happy that our day would go swimmingly. It did. But, as well as being so good at engaging with both my wife and I, he not only managed to take photos of everybody and everything without being seen, the results of his work are truly phenomenal. We have sat and watched his slideshow of us over and over again, and it brings tears to both our eyes at how well he managed to capture a truly beautiful day. The wedding was perfect, but thanks to his work, the memory will forever be perfect as well. Thank you Simon. Abi & Jamie

Everyone has that one detail that rings most important to them for their wedding. For us, that was the photography. With Simon, not only were we not disappointed, but rather stunned with amazement! Simon is a true master of his art! We can assure you, with him, you will not only receive a beautiful documentation of your day and special moments but also a genuinely great person with whom to share the day as well! He graciously went along with us and our family for our half day adventure in the Dordogne area, not only capturing but aiding us in our silly endeavors as well! By the wedding day Simon was and still is an honorary member of our family. We will forever be grateful to him as we remember our time through his magical photos! A thousand thanks and even more blessing to you and yours Simon! Kim & Ian

Simon was the only professional at our “handmade wedding” and we knew we chose the right guy from day one. He maintained a good level of contact on the run up with very helpful hints and tips and then blended in seamlessly to both the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. He even provided us with a small mountain of fresh figs from his garden which we used in our starter platters for the wedding breakfast. We were gently coached through some shoots but mostly he went into espionage mode. The results were fantastic, very natural photos that reflected our “home-made” theme while capturing us and our guests enjoying the celebrations. Very very happy. Alex (& Livvy)

Without doubt the best decision we made regarding our wedding. As soon as I found his website I knew I had found the style I was looking for. Friendly and professional throughout, he worked around us perfectly. When we received our photos I was blown away by the quantity and quality of them. I have no idea how Simon seemingly managed to be in a hundred places at once but he nailed it and we couldn’t be happier. The only problem is trying to choose which ones to print, there’s so many perfect images I suppose I shall have to wallpaper my house with them! Livvy (& Alex)