So what exactly is my style and approach to capturing a wedding day and what exactly would your experience be if you chose me to document your event?

As previously mentioned, first of all, I offer the choice of either a purely photographic capture approach, or a purely video based one, or most popular (and my speciality), a seamless combination of both at the same time.

My style is best ‘answered’ visually, as in the pictures and films I produce, but in words; low-key/minimally invasive, mostly documentary (ie, non-directed) but with directed elements such as groups according to your needs and wishes.

My approach is also a personal one. I capture each wedding as if it was my own and for the very first time, each time. I enjoy engaging with and helping you plan your wedding, not as a wedding planner might, but in regard to the capture aspect and what works, when and why, ensuring you the best set of results. In a nutshell, I simply enjoy making pretty pictures with meaning for both myself and my clients.

As standard, exceptional customer attention and client experience is paramount and the more a couple engage, the better it becomes, naturally.

Mostly however, I am an observer, documenter and visual story teller, that metaphorical ‘fly on the wall’. Always there, but not ‘intruding’. Seeing and capturing everything from the tiniest detail to the big picture. And what few others even see.

The best way I can guide you in regard to the experience is through a set of comprehensive but not exhaustive FAQ’s you can access by clicking here: FAQ’s.

Below is a detailed description of my coverage and typical client experience at a wedding…

Approximately 90% of my clients book the optional 1/2 day prior coverage option.

Why and what does it involve? 

Meeting prior to your wedding is the key to unlocking the best results. It is not something that can happen on the actual wedding day as we would both be far too busy. 

Included is: actual meeting in person and detailed final discussion in regard to what happens on the following day, ie, your actual wedding day. On-site pre-wedding meeting and opportunity to look at and discuss all presentation and preservation options.  Practice photoshoot on-site which ensures better, quicker…or both, the next day. Low-key, documentary evening coverage of your welcome event such as a BBQ, pig roast, pizza van etc.

Wedding Day!

I tend to start the day with a fairly extensive landscape/venue shoot before commencing coverage of prep.

In regard to prep, I generally flit between the bride and the groom approximately 70% vs 30% time split (sorry fellas, but the girls have much more going on!) virtually 100% documentary, but culminating in a short portrait session for each lasting maybe 5-10 minutes.

Ceremony = zero intrusion. I try and work on the periphery with longer lenses.

Drinks reception/cocktail hour for at least the first 45-60 minutes, completely documentary/candid. Then usually, around 10-15 minutes of pre-agreed family groups.

Couple session. It depends on the circumstances, the time of year, the weather and your wishes, but I generally suggest splitting this into 2 short sessions, the first being the last 20 minutes or so prior to you sitting to eat/have speeches. Guests are being called to sit at this time so it’s some ‘free’ time for you to do this. The second session is typically shorter and during ‘golden hour’, that magical time where the light is at it’s best, – 45 minutes prior to sunset and 15 minutes immediately after. If we can hook up 10-15 minutes as close to sunset, we can achieve something a bit special. All couple sessions are directed, but in a very relaxed manner with zero cheese or awkwardness.

Speeches. Whether before or after the meal, 100% documentary.

Dancing etc. As above.

Summary: Other than a typical 10-15 minutes family groups and a total (combining prep and couple sessions) of around 30-40 minutes lightly directed bride & groom photography, the rest of a typical 9-15 hour coverage day, I am that proverbial ‘fly on the wall’ and most guests do not even realise there is a professional photographer in attendance.