Beautifully Crafted Wedding Films

There are very few specialist’s anywhere in the world who have successfully integrated photography & filming (AKA ‘video’).

I prefer the term ‘filming’. It has less negative connotations than the term ‘video’.

Over 10 years ago, I recognised a need to integrate both photography and filming into one single capture. So I made it happen.

In the beginning, the technology got in the way and the approach was a little cumbersome, but over the years, that has improved and we are now in an era where the process is almost seamlessly possible.

Below, are examples of the various types of integrated filming that I offer.

Using a broad brush, the choices are; photography only, filming only, or the combined/hybrid approach of photography & filming.

The specific filming options are:

(A) a ‘PURE-FILM’. In essence, a short cinematic wedding film based on video capture and a production of typically 3 music tracks.

(B) a ‘PHOTO-FILM’. Actually not a ‘video’ based production at all, but a slideshow of still images set to a music soundtrack but with audio highlight capture from ceremony & speeches.

(C) A ‘PURE-FILM PLUS’. As (A), but this time it also includes the audio highlights as in a PHOTO-FILM.

(D) C&S (Ceremony & Speeches). Exactly as it’s name suggests, a production based on just those 2 elements of the day. Full length and uncut, these productions do not feature anywhere on this site. Partly because they are too large and too long (60 mins minimum) and partly because no one but the client and their immediate family would watch one!  So why offer them? Simply for both posterity and because some couples have older relatives who cannot make their wedding but especially want to see those parts of the day.

(E) VDR (Video Diary Room). Exactly what it’s name suggests, a production based on your guests leaving a video message for you!

In order, other than the C&S option, there is an example of each below in the following order:

Kiki & Avram (PURE-FILM)

Kathryn & Will (PHOTO-FILM)

Chloe & Ryan (PURE-FILM PLUS)

Kim & Ian (VDR)


I have a MASSIVE update coming this season (starting May 2019) so this page will be getting a series of major updates in regards to the possibilities!