Castelnau des Fieumarcon is one of my ‘big three’ local venues and one I have a special affinity with.

Around 2013, we were thinking about moving to France and I began a 3 year business plan to transition over from the UK based on; 10% workload in 2014, 25% workload in 2015 and 50% workload in 2016.

I hit those targets and so in Feb 2016, our move to France began officially.

One of the key targets of the business plan was to make connections with businesses in France, particularly wedding planners and venues.

Researching venues in the South West of France, I came across a spectacular hilltop village setting called Castelnau des Fieumarcon.

I contacted them and within minutes was speaking to one of the custodians, Didier and within a few months, had my first booking.

Since that time, I have captured over 10 weddings at the venue and below are links to some of the more recent:

Jess & Charlie

Lauren & Michael

Kiki & Avram

Rachel & Eoghan

Minnie & Nick

Claire & Nick

Anouska & Tom

Molly & Cedric

Lindy & David

Emily & Bernard