It doesn’t matter if your venue is not listed below as 90% of the weddings that I am invited to cover annually are at new venues.
Familiar venues do not stifle creativity, but new venues inspire me and can add extra sparkle!

The Wedding Venues France below I have linked I have either worked at as a ‘one off’, or do so on a regular basis as an officially recommended photographer:

Chateau de Lisse (Lot et Garonne)
Castelnau des Fieumarcon (Gers)
Chateau Les Merles (Dordogne)
Chateau de Massillan (Provence)
Chateau de la Cazine (Limousin)
Chateau de la Bourlie (Dordogne)
Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild (Côte d’Azur)
Chateau Soulac (Dordogne)
Blanche Fleur (Provence)
Domaine du Foulon (Alpes-Maritime)
Manoir de La Foulquetiere (Loire)
Chateau de Pitray (Dordogne)
Chateau d’Arlens (Gers)
Chateau Malliac (Gers)

And here are some of the new one’s I have visited so far this year or am booked for next:

Chateau Clerbise (Charente)
Chateau la Gauterie (Dordogne)
Chateau Lacanaud (Dordogne)
Manoir de Clenord (Loire)
Chateau du Raysse (Dordogne)
Chateau de Goudourville (Lot et Garonne)