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I am not unique but am pretty rare in that I offer an integrated, ie, seamlessly compatible wedding filming service in addition to my photographic one.

In this regard, various options are offered including;

The Pure-Film

The Photo-Film

The Video Diary

Ceremony & Speeches

There is an example of each below (except Ceremony & Speeches as the productions are too long for web!) but first, a brief description of each type of production.

The Pure-Film is a purely filmed (video) production captured in conjunction with your wedding day photography, ie, from the same perspective, in addition to the series of ‘still’ images, those same moments and sequences brought to life. The production is completed with a soundtrack. Typically 10-12 minutes duration.

The Photo-Film is essentially the standard slideshow (most weddings featured on my site if they do not have a filmed element, feature a slideshow) with the addition of a soundtrack and audio highlights captured from and throughout your wedding day. Typically 10-12 minutes duration.

The Video Diary (room) is exactly what you might expect which is who knows what people will say. Or do!

And finally, Ceremony & Speeches. Single camera, single viewpoint, uncut, from start to finish, – full ceremony & speeches so can be anything from 40 minutes to 2 hours. Not for everyone but many couples like the option simply for legacy sake.

Below, there are 6 examples:

Kiki & Avram’s Pure-Film

Tara & Guillaume’s Pure-Film

Kathryn & Will’s Pure-Film followed by their Photo-Film

Chloe & Ryan’s Pure-Film followed by their Photo-Film.