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Who cares baby, I think I wanna marry you

Ceremony, what it’s all about no? Or is that the party that follows…?

No, it’s all about the ceremony of course!

Most of the weddings I cover in France are outdoors. That’s normal for France with it’s principal wedding season being May-Sep.

Not that I have anything against an indoor ceremony, but unless in a church or chapel for religious reasons, the photo opp is always less. MUCH less. If we say that an outdoor ceremony can offer up to 10/10 in regard to potential photo/filming opps, then an indoor has 4/10 absolute max…and that’s if it’s well lit. And by well lit, I mean with daylight and not candles which are not real light!

Why is this? Well light/lighting being one of the principal reasons with the second main consideration, space & movement. I’m pretty discrete capturing a ceremony. Zero flash, minimal movement, but with an indoor ceremony, it almost always means being static, ie, stuck in one position for the duration which means a real lack of variety in shots. Outdoors however, the world is your huitre. (French for oyster). I can work on both wider and longer lenses and on the periphery of your wedding and the variety of options is at it’s highest.

So if you are planning a wedding in France and considering your ceremony options, if you can, make outdoors your preferred option if you want the best results.

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