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Q: What is the difference between an image and a photo?

A: An image is fleeting & insubstantial whereas a photo is substantial & perpetual because it is printed.

This is the fundamental difference between a hi res file and a photograph (or printed book) and why we provide you with a full set of hi res print ready files AND a choice of magazine, book or album.
Everyone wants the files these days, – we would also, so that’s we supply them as part of every package, but because research shows that over 90% of couples do not print ANYTHING from their wedding day, we make sure you have that fabulous printed record.

When it comes to books, every year we take a good look at what is available on the planet and currently offer; an A4 magazine (Firehorse F Magazine, formerly called an F Book), a 30cm square book (Firehorse X Book) or the choice between a 30cm square or 35cm x 25cm album (Firehorse Q Album).

Below is a video that showcases a studio example of each type of magazine, book & album that we produce, though it cannot hope to show all the various options available, especially in regard to personalisation.