Print it or lose it forever.

Seriously. In a recent survey, 90+% couples who received only a disc or download of images after their wedding, 2 years later, had done nothing with the pictures they had spent thousands on.


Nothing that is other than perhaps have made some thank you cards and printed a couple for the parents mantlepiece as Christmas gift.

In 30 years time when perhaps your own children are getting married, how will they see those images? They probably won’t as they will have been lost to time, the final version on a phone that has been replaced 20 times since…

Print it however and it lives forever. It’s called a legacy. A book or album is still the single best way of getting a gallery quality set of prints into one easy to handle format. Could you imagine putting 100+ 12″ x 8″ prints on your walls at home? No, – it’s not practical and if you only wanted perhaps 10 pictures maximum, why book a photographer who provided over 500?

Remember Forever


We provide a solution. It’s called a book or an album. They are not old-fashioned but timeless, beautifully crafted, preserving time capsules.

We have 3 levels of options; Good, Better and Best. Priced accordingly, obviously.

Good is what we call a ‘Zine’. Exactly as it’s name suggests, a soft cover A4 (maga)zine with 150 client choice images and personalised cover.

Better is what we call a ‘Wedding Book’. It’s hard cover this time with a few choices of material. Better quality paper and printing, more substantial and this time you selectively choose what it’s going to contain with 100+ choices being the norm.

Best is what we call a ‘Wedding Album’. This is as good as it gets, the creme-de-la-creme of the wedding book/album world, a Queensberry. This New Zealand based company produce arguably what are the finest of their type available anywhere in the world and have been our principal partner for over 15 years.

Below are links to samples of each, new for the 2019/2020 season, but as with so many things on-line, nothing beats viewing and handling these things in person and the level of personalisation is very high and individual to you.