Glorious Summer’s Day.

Fun Packed.

Topsy Turvy (but in a good way).

All of the above are titles that could be applied to Trisha & Paul’s Chateau du Raysse wedding.

Let’s start with the glorious Summer’s day bit… Throughout Europe, I think it’s fair to say the Spring and early Summer has been a bit rubbish. Mixed at best, but I’ll stick with a bit rubbish.

Not so for Trisha, Paul and guests. It was a perfectly glorious Summer’s day which was exactly what they needed for their entirely outdoor wedding.

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of outdoor weddings. Other than prep, in my humble opinion, the scenario and atmosphere are so much more conducive to photography and video.

Topsy Turvy. I initially labelled their wedding as ‘unscripted’, but that was incorrect. It was the opposite and scripted. That is/was a good thing because the most relaxed and laid back weddings are scripted, ie, planned in detail.

What Trisha & Paul did was plan the timing of their wedding day to take into account the actual best times of day for the various events to happen.

On that basis, in the morning with a relaxed welcome drinks reception based around fun & games. Petanque, croquet and a Swedish yard game called Kubb which several guests became addicted to.

The morning fun/meet & greet reception then transitioned to another garden that was set out for a picnic lunch.

Blankets, cushions, baskets of bread, plates of cured meats and local cheeses and towers of cakes. Champagne, wine, beer…all that was missing was lashings of Ginger Beer. (You have to be of a certain age to get that last one…)

Then there was a break in order to avoid both the heat of the early/mid afternoon and the harsh light before reconvening in the early evening for a pre-ceremony drinks reception and post 7pm ceremony.

Now a lot of folks planning a wedding think they have to get married at 1, 2 or ‘horror, how late?!’ 3pm, but if you do so, most if not all of the outdoor aspects of your wedding will take place in harsh light (assuming a sunny day) and that has no real positives.

Trisha & Paul’s timings could not have been any more spot on and if anything, their ceremony (because of the nature of their wedding) could have happened even later.

As it was, the sun was heading down but still had at least 2 more hours to go which meant the following pig roast (and more cake!) and speeches, all took place in the most beautiful light known as golden hour.

It was also the perfect time for couple stuff and family groups. As a photographer/filmmaker, I couldn’t ask for me.

Finally, there was no official cake (enough of that had been consumed in various French delicacy formats throughout the day!) or cutting, but a bash the piñata which children young and old enjoyed. Who doesn’t love smashing stuff with a croquet mallet?!

Above is a slideshow production from the day which tells the story far better than my words and if you click this link, you will be able to access the full gallery including international print ordering facility.