Let me tell you a story.
Not a story about Amy & Ian’s wedding as such, but we will get to that.
Rather, let me tell you a story about…
Every season I go to wedding after wedding where often the styling has been meticulous in both it’s planning and it’s execution. But the timing has been off.
I’m not talking about timescales, ie, the amount of time that has been allowed for each part of the day, but the actual timing based on the time of day. Specifically regarding natural lighting.
The following does not apply to cloudy days.
The following does not apply to indoor weddings…though most getting married in France are planning an outdoor wedding aren’t they/you?
So the vision has been planned and executed…and then…so rarely actually transpires due to timing.
Imagine the following scenario…
Outdoor meal & speeches. You are looking at typically anything from 2.5-4 hours depending on number of courses and length of the talking bit.
Everything has been so well styled from place settings to florals to candles to overhead lighting.
You sit at 6pm. In blazing sunshine.
You eat. In blazing sunshine.
You listen to the talking bit. In blazing sunshine.
Or rather, the venue staff drag a dozen large umbrellas into your carefully planned and crafted set up, completely transforming it into something you probably had not envisioned.
Then it’s all done by around 9pm and you go inside to do dancing.
The caterers/venue staff then don’t bother to light all those candles or turn on all that lighting you hired because:
A: The candles have melted in the sunshine/heat and
B: The sun is still shining because in June & July, it doesn’t set until around 9.30pm in June and 9pm towards the end of July.

Now, don’t just consider the following, but look at the alternative…
Laurence Beal, wedding planner on behalf of Marry Me In France has created fabulous, romantic and atmospheric styling.
They sat at 8.30pm.
The sun is much less harsh and lower in it’s angle, but the temp is still over 35 degrees C.
Out of the sun, it’s tolerable, but nothing we can do about that one anyway.
The late evening sunshine was there, somewhere in the background for first course. Golden hour we call it.
The main is served on the cusp of golden and blue hour (the hour that follows golden hour when that lovely blue is in the sky but the sun has dipped below the horizon).
The dessert/cake happened at the far end of blue hour before it turned properly dark, but then the lighting came to it’s fore.
Ditto speeches.
You want the planets to align and the fat lady to sing? THIS is how you plan a wedding.
(And don’t have your ceremony too early…but that is another topic!).

And so to Amy & Ian’s wedding at ‘The Wedding Village’.

It doesn’t need words, – it just needs; pictures, video and…

Above, slideshow production.
Below, video production.
Below that, some photo highlights.
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