– KIM & IAN –


Firehorse Photography France

“Everyone has that one detail that rings most important to them for their wedding. For us, that was the photography.

With Simon, not only were we not disappointed, but rather stunned with amazement!

Simon is a true master of his art!
We can assure you, with him, you will not only receive a beautiful documentation of your day and special moments but also a genuinely great person with whom to share the day as well!

He graciously went along with us and our family for our half day adventure in the Dordogne area, not only capturing but aiding us in our silly endeavors as well!

By the wedding day Simon was and still is, an honorary member of our family. We will forever be grateful to him as we remember our time through his magical photos!

A thousand thanks and even more blessing to you and yours Simon!”

Kim & Ian

If the rest of 2017 is half as good as the first wedding of the 2017 season, this year is going to be pure gold, – the finest to date!

As a photographer, you never really truly know what you are going to end up with until it’s all done & dusted.

And by done & dusted, I mean; culled, edited, finished.

You get an inkling though… Sometimes it’s at the very first point of contact.

I get a much better idea though when we meet, but still, sometimes things can get in the way such as not so great planning/timings, really bad weather, locations that are not quite as great as they could have been.

It gets reinforced on the day but the proof of the pudding is always in the final result.

And so it was with K&I. We love your view, technique and ability to truly document the day and think it would suit our needs perfectly! Please let us know if you are interested and available”. Was I interested?! You bet I was!

This wedding in association with Marry Me in France was expertly planned & coordinated by the talented Abigail Wells-Davies.

In fact all the suppliers were super-talented and a fabulous bunch who have all worked together at some point, more often than not, quite regularly. A wedding A Team.

And what about the venue, The Secret Garden? Superb. If you’d turned up on a dull wet day, it would have looked great. On the sunny Spring morning that I did, pretty fabulous. There is little point in trying to describe the place, – it appears as the backdrop throughout the day both in the pictures and in Kim & Ian’s wedding film.

But what is it that actually makes a wedding? It’s not the pretty backdrop. It isn’t ‘the stuff’. It is people. The people. Partly the team behind the scenes, but even more importantly, the couple, their family & friends.

Kim & Ian’s wedding was a smaller one and that is a good thing. 18 in total including 3 children so only the very nearest & dearest were there. Also, being Texan’s, the heart of rural Dordogne was a very exotic destination.

They embraced it all and were some of the most welcoming people I have ever worked for. These are the kinds of wedding I live for because when they let you in…and I mean, really let you in, – unrestricted, trusted, encouraged even, – the results just flow.

And that’s how it was. As always, I can try and describe the day in words, but that is not what I do. I describe the day in pictures and with the films I make. They tell the story of this day far better than any words ever could.

To Kim & Ian, you thanked me, but there is just as much thanks and credit due to you for making it happen in the first place, because without you, we would not be employed. Without people specifically like you, we would not be able to love what we do as much as we do. We all (and I think I speak to all of us involved) fell in love with you and your wedding. We can excuse you for the attempts at speaking French, but bravo mes amies!

The production at the top of the page is a ‘Pure-Film’ combining filmed footage with soundtrack.

The production below is a ‘Photo-Film’ combining pictures with audio & soundtrack.

International print ordering gallery including the FULL set of images from both the day prior and wedding day, click here.

And just when you thought there could not possibly be anything more from this wedding…

Au contraire, – Kim & Ian’s ‘Video Diary Room Experience’, – the only part of the day neither of them took part in…and have no idea what to expect. I do 😉