‘Doorstep’ wedding? Yes, doorstep wedding as in, literally on my doorstep.

OK, I exaggerate, Sophie & Tom’s wedding took place 7km from my house/office.

Considering the size of France (smaller than Texas did you know?) and the fact that I work all over and can sometimes spend more than 7 hours travelling (each way) to shoot a wedding, 10 minutes is doorstep!

I like a good roadtrip but at the same time, I like to sleep in my own bed after a long day and if that is just 10 minutes away…

Anyway, Sophie & Tom’s wedding. Just beautiful. And it wasn’t raining like it was last time I was at Chateau de Malliac last year!

Instead, we had a gorgeous late Summer / early Autumn outdoor wedding which is exactly what the couple intended.

The setting for the ceremony conducted by Sandie Smith (I know her husband, he has a band and her stepson Tom who has a band and her son Charlie…who is a one man band) was outside the old brick pigonnier.

Drinks were in the rose garden terrace and the meal & speeches inner courtyard and all planned to perfection by Julie from Mariage En Gascogne.

Above is a slideshow production from Sophie & Tom’s wedding and below, just as soon as I have finished it, will be their Wedding Film.

If you were a guest at their wedding, click here to access the full gallery with international print order facility.