Every year there are bookings where I have limited contact with the couple so am unsure what to expect.

Laurence, one of the planners at Peaches & Cream Weddings told me, “she really likes your work!”

OK, well that’s something at least.

‘She’ being The Butcher’s Wife.

The what? It’s the title of a 1991 movie starring Demi Moore. 54% on IMDb if you are interested.

It’s a very apt title for this wedding because the bride Eline is the butchers wife. Actually, she is more than that as Eline and new husband Pieter, run a butchers shop in the town where they live in Belgium!

And the wedding?

A bit special.

It was my 6th and final wedding up at ‘The Village’ this season and I had already had some absolute crackers, but this one took it to another level.

In what way?

The location was a given, but the choice of what and where and most importantly when added up to something great but what took it to another level was who, Eline & Pieter (her “big bear”).

And the design & execution by Laurence and her team, not forgetting the staff at Castelnau des Fieumarcon itself, were as always, first rate.

And that sunset… There are generally pretty good one’s up there, but that was the best of the year.

Above is a slideshow production. It’s the best way to view this wedding.

Below, a selection of highlight pics plus if you click this link, you will get access to the full gallery with international print ordering facility.