Sam & Ben – Bordeaux Wedding

Last weekend it was back to Chateau Sentout near to Bordeaux for the 4th of 5 weddings in this very abbreviated ‘season’.

Back, because 2 of this year’s 5 weddings, ie, 40% of all weddings this year, will have been at this venue.

It was a very different scenario this time…

Irish instead of Americans.

Wet/grey instead of sunshine.

Different locations at the venue.

Same planner however! Nicole from Pure Expression Events.

So the weather… Does a wet/grey day change things much?

Well a little because the colour suffers a little because of the lack of light and the overall options become more limited, but none of that stops anyone from having a great time.

And that’s what Sam & Ben and all their guests had.

OK, Sam’s sister couldn’t make the wedding in person, but made not one, but two guest appearances in other formats!

As to the rest of it, I’m going to let the video and pictures tell the story…

If you were a guest at the wedding and have the password, you can click here to access the full gallery.