“How nice were they?!”

Over the weekend, everyone was commenting.

3 weeks later, I was back up at the Castelnau for that weekends wedding, but they were still talking about Ruth & Parham.

That says pretty much everything you need to know about this wedding and that is it’s always always always the people that make any wedding day.

It’s not about ‘stuff’. Decor, signage, things on the table etc…it’s all very nice of course, but ultimately just ‘stuff’.

What weddings are about is people. The couple. Their family. Their friends. When they are all great, the wedding is great.

When a wedding is great, the results also are. Any connection? Inextricably linked. Always have been, always will be.

So what can I say specifically about Ruth & Parham’s wedding weekend?

Well as is always the case in regard to that, it’s the pictures that tell the story far better than my words ever could.

Above is a slideshow production from both days, – the crepe feast ‘meet, eat & drink’ the afternoon/evening prior and then the wedding day itself.

Below, a selection of highlights I struggled to get as low (and it’s high) as it is.

If you were a guest at Ruth & Parham’s wedding and would like to access the full gallery with international print ordering facility, you can click here to do that, but will need to contact R&P directly for the password.