There are some wedding venues I can return to again and again and never get bored with the place. Castelnau des Fieumarcon near Lectoure in the Gers, South West France is such a place. It’s not just the place, but the people that work there who make it all happen such as Anneli, Didier, Abby and Nick who run the venue and folks such as Amy who did all the floral work.

The first time I visited was around 5 years ago and at that time it immediately struck me that it was something a bit special. For one thing, how many entire hilltop villages set in a landscape of rolling hills referred to as ‘France’s Tuscany’ do you know?!

It’s a unique and special place and one I have the had the privilege of having visited and continue to visit, an average 3 times per annum.

And each time it’s different. And that is another of the beauties of this place, – there are so many options in regard to where events take place.

Rachel & Eoghan’s (try ‘Owen’, – it’s Irish) wedding weekend began with an informal ‘meet & greet’ of drinks and pizza at the venues own mobile pizza van the evening prior. The sun shone until quite late as is quite common even in October in this small corner of South West France.

The wedding day dawned as equally sunny, but alas, it was not to last. I’ve had a good run this year, – a wet wedding in May but other than a few grey spells, it’s been a glorious Summer pretty much all the way through. The turning point was mid-afternoon on this particular Saturday… Sunny for the chapel ceremony and exit, but clouded over for the first drinks reception.

We then moved up to the second drinks reception area and ready for the outdoor pre-dinner speeches and…yes, the wind picked up and kicked off a bit. It didn’t really affect anything too much and the on-site team built a small stage and area for speeches and it all worked in our favour.

Then it was indoors for the meal and a couple more speeches plus the cake and dancing. Fabulous day for a great couple and some very lovely family and guests.

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