Portrait Photo-Shoot in South West France



Firehorse Photography France

I say portrait photo-shoot in South West France, but technically it's a model shoot in and around the Gers region as part of a 3 day workshop I assisted at led by Damien Lovegrove.

It just so happened Damien was looking for locations and an assistant with local knowledge for the region and so I was pressed into service!

Normally I shoot weddings throughout France and the UK and though I also shoot some portraiture, it's usually engagement or 'save-the-date' type shoots for my wedding clients so this was something a little different for me.

And so to the credits:

Damien Lovegrove workshop experiences

Va bene Gallery La Romieu

and last but not least, Chateau de Lisse one of my favourite and my most visited wedding venues in the region.


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