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Pinterest for Brides because let’s face it, it is mostly you girls that pin…but some of us fellas do also! I’m one of them.

Why is it good and where are any potential pitfalls?

We’ll start with the positives first. Pinterest is without doubt, a fabulous and ever-growing source for visual inspiration for anything and everything.

I use it myself for everyday stuff such as planning a new kitchen or bathroom and as we moved house in 2016, a great starting point.

In regard to weddings, it’s equally as brilliant and though there is some inevitable dross on there, there is some really excellent material.

I primarily use it for inspiration for bridal shoots, groom portraits and couple stuff, especially the genuinely different and outstanding. These are boards I generally keep private other than for booked clients as I’m not one for saying, “hey look at these other wedding photographers, why not take a look and also use them?!“, because it then becomes a cliche as everyone is doing it.

So on that basis, most of the images I pin onto these private boards are not in fact wedding photography, but more likely to be fashion, editorial or simply great light pictures.

This inspiration is then integrated into the images that I produce myself at real weddings and presented on the public boards you can view on our Pinterest page.

But I do also have a re-pinned public board of other people’s work/images called ‘Ultimate Weddings’ which is essentially stuff that generally inspires (and sharing in the spirit of Pinterest!).

The good then in summary:

Fantastic source when planning a wedding in regard to anything and everything from flowers to locations to styling and of course, photographers.

The ‘bad’:

It’s possible to create a board so fabulous, no photographer could hope to get close to it on the basis; almost all boards are made up of multiple pro photographer images, from all over the world, often in the most exotic locations, often not on actual wedding days and a lot of model (ie, not real brides or grooms) stuff! So great for inspiration, but don’t expect us to meticulously attempt to recreate it because:

A: We will fail and

B: In doing so, miss the beauty of YOUR wedding.

To date, we’ve only had one we had no chance at ‘recreating’, – a West Coast Californian, evening sun/golden hour, outdoor vintage garden party wedding…as inspiration for a wedding in Yorkshire, UK. In January. Not going to happen love… Didn’t in fact, but instead had it’s own beauty of snow and sunshine and wellies!

But we’d invite all clients to link us to your inspiration board because it will help us to get in tune with exactly what you are planning and your hopes, aspirations and dreams.

You can follow us here: Firehorse Photography on Pinterest and we add new images most days.

And fellas, yes, I’d be more than happy to view your collection of pictures of fast cars and even faster ladies!