Minnie & Nick – The Village Wedding at Castelnau des Fieumarcon.

‘The Wedding Village’ as it is known is just that, an entire village. Just for you!

It currently sleeps around 80 in something like 15 hours and has no other residents other than the custodians who also run the weddings that take place at this fabulous place.

You enter through an imposing arch vaulted fortified gatehouse (past the new for 2018 WC’s!) and into a completely private village complete with houses, a huge dining room, a church and outdoor spaces. Plus a pool of course!

So this was the setting for Minnie & Nick’s 3 day wedding, a setting I am very familiar with having photographed & filmed at least 10 weddings here.

I had already met the couple on one of their previous visits to France and then had the privilege of capturing 3 days of their wedding.

I say 3 days, but that’s really a 1/2 day + full day + 1/2 day as follows:

Day 01: Meet & Greet

Day 02: Wedding Day

Day 03: Games & BBQ

Around 95% of the weddings I cover opt for the 1/2 day prior which makes a huge difference to what is then achievable on/from the wedding day itself.

The wedding day itself was planned to near perfection in regard to timings with an outdoor ceremony start time of 5pm conducted by Raymond Thatcher from Wedding Words & Wishes.

Flowers were by the ever bubbly Amy T  and wedding planning by Anneli & Nick at Castelnau des Fieumarcon.

Prior to ceremony though, was bridal prep with one of my favourite hair and makeup artists, Lizbeth “don’t take pictures of me with pins in my mouth”.

During the ceremony and late afternoon reception, guests were entertained musically by Pete McGrane, a guitar soloist. (Top tip, having some kind of musical background during the drinks is quite important in regard to ‘atmosphere’!).

The caterers were Dulou who always turn out fabulously presented canapes and main meal and their desserts are especially good.

Evening entertainment was provided by DJ James Carr and DIY gin bar. Oh the DIY gin bar… The rhubarb & ginger. I could have easily had more than one, but sadly I was working and then had to drive home ready for the next day.

Day 03 then was a BBQ lunch and lawn games outside Cassagnet, the biggest of the houses and the focal point for such things.

There was also home-made ice cream ‘Glaces Artisinale’ by a lady whose family have been making icecream since at least the early 1930’s after immigrating to France from Italy.

All in all, a crackin’ weekend. Above is a slideshow featuring highlights from all 3 days. Below, a selection of wedding day pics.

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