Mia & Teddy – The Historic Chateau Wedding

After so much time off and only one wedding prior to this one this season, I wondered if the old skills might be a bit rusty…

We just want good photos“, is something Teddy said to me before the wedding.

Are you having a good enough time?” is one of Teddy’s phrases…

No, not rusty. At all. Are these photos ‘good enough’ for you Teddy?

M&T’s wedding started as pretty much all my weddings in France do and that is the day prior.

It’s worth mentioning that this wedding should have happened July last year, but ‘You Know What’ got in the way and…well, it happened this August instead.

Anyway, back to the day prior… There is no better way for me to achieve results on the wedding day than be there the day prior.

I may even have helped siting the place of the ceremony…but can’t confirm or deny that bit of information.

Day prior, stick with the day prior man!

What happened the day prior?

Just some of the usual stuff starting with catching up again after M&T visited my office back in November 2019 after booking earlier in the year.

Candid drinks & nibbles prior to a sit down but informal meal for around 25 of their nearest & dearest.

We took the opp. to do a practice shoot also which ensures 1 of 3 things; quicker session on the wedding day, or better session on the wedding day, or a quicker AND better session on the wedding day.

There’s a PhotoFilm and a set of highlight pics below and then we’ll get to the wedding day itself…

The wedding day. The main event…

Wow. Just wow.

I shot either my 2nd or 3rd ever wedding here at this place back in I think 2010?

My bride for that one, Kat, still follows me on Instagram…

I’ve said this before and I will without question say it again in the future, but there are days and then there are DAYS.

This one was a DAY.


I’m ‘Mr Attention To Detail’ and very difficult to please…or rather, I do all in my power to quietly make things happen behind the scenes, swan about the day like, well a swan (furiously pedalling below the surface. Swans ‘pedal’ right?) and this day planned and organised by Sue at Marry Me In France with assistance from Lea at the chateau, just went like the dream day it was for M&T and for me to capture.

Of course it was more than that as many others were involved, especially on the day and I can’t actually name them, but if you like anything you see, then contact Marry Me In France about them planning your future wedding.

Planets aligned, the fat lady sang from dawn to dusk. Well, from around 10am to 11pm which was how long I was there for.

There’s no point in me saying anything else, – the ‘evidence’ is all down below.

If you were a guest at this wedding and have been given the password, you can access the full gallery by clicking here.