There are 3 elements that make a photographer;




In regard to the latter 2 elements, when you have a photographer with both personality and principles, you are probably going to get a better/the best service.

Ultimately though, these 2 elements are prior to, during and just after your wedding, ie, for a finite period of time.

The results however; the photographs and the films though captured over a single typical weekend, must last a lifetime.

This portfolio is just a snapshot in regard to style and split into two parts;

Photography split into 7 principal chapters (and showcasing over 500 images) and filming (AKA video) with 10+ films available to view.

A question every photographer/filmmaker is often asked is, “what is your style?” and the best (and non-flippant answer!) is actually to go and look at the photographer/filmmakers work and ask yourself the following questions…

A: “Do I like it?” and if not so much, then keep on looking.

B: “Do I like it?” and if the answer is yes, add to your short list.

C: “Do I absolutely love it?” make contact immediately!