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What is perfection? Is there such thing as a ‘perfect wedding’?

Well all I can say is that if this one wasn’t, it was as close as you can get.

OK, it could have been 5 degrees warmer. It could have been 30 minutes later in the day. Err, I’m struggling now…

The thing about weddings as a wedding photographer is you never really know what you are going to get and then achieve until the actual day.

Or the day before…

Initially, I wasn’t sure what Tamasine & Paul’s Manoir de Clenord wedding would produce.

I had not met them before. Nothing unusual in that, – I meet less than 5% of clients prior to the booking stage. I was going to be working with a planner I had never worked with, the lovely Nicole at Pure Expressions Events and at a new venue I had never visited before.

As I said, none of that is in any way unusual and as every wedding is as unique as every couple, you never know what it’s really going to be like until you get there.

As with ALL weddings, the singlemost important factor is not where, or what or even really why, but WHO.

We all played a part but in the end, all weddings in my experience and opinion come down to the couple. They either want you there, or tolerate you. If it’s the latter, the whole day becomes a salvage job. If they actually want you, it’s a joy. Folks either work with you…or they do their own thing. The former produces everything, the latter can be a struggle.

So I met Tamasine & Paul the day prior. We had a meeting and chatted through the day. We looked at some stuff and we went out for a play to take some pictures. I knew then at that point their wedding had the potential to be right up there if only the weather played fair the next day…

And somehow it did. Despite every forecast projecting an afternoon of doom & gloom which is not what any wedding needs never mind an open air ceremony.

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