First of all, what is an ‘Editorial Wedding Shoot’?

Well, despite appearances, it’s not a real wedding.

In this instance, the couple have been married for around 20 years!

It’s not a vow renewal but a bona fida ‘fake’ wedding for collaboration purposes.

That is, a group of industry suppliers (listed at the foot of this page) came together for a day in order to produce a ‘styled’ shoot of ‘what could be’.

Principally, it was a joint venture between the venue, Manoir de Biraud Bas and the stylist/florist, Jen from Our Fabulous Things.

Then of course we had various others involved including; hair & makeup, wedding dresses, cakes, cars and more, plus myself for photo & video.

The end result can be viewed below in two formats.

First of all, there is The Film, AKA ‘video’ that is not too dissimilar to a typical Wedding Film I might produce from a real wedding day. Just shorter.

And then there are a selection of highlight pictures that showcase the day itself and it’s contributors craft.

Yes, if you did not already know, I shoot photo and video at the same time on the same job. And have been doing that for over 10 years so just like flying a helicopter or juggling, anything is possible with enough practise!


These Editorial Wedding Shoots don’t just happen by magic.

Well actually, they do. By the magic that individual suppliers bring in order to create the whole.

Other than myself, the venue and the stylist/florist/decor hire, also involved were the following people and companies:

Jewellery by the fabulous Marcia at

The dynamic duo that are Linzi (makeup) at and Nik (hair) at, well @nikbridalhair (not everyone has a website!)

The multitude of cakes were provided by 

The car by Angela & Steve at

Stationary by Fiona Pike (details not yet supplied)

Dresses by Suzanne at

Disco by…there wasn’t one.

The amazing Jen, husband Doug and daughter Darcy, for all the styling and furniture and flowers and sheer time & effort. Our Fabulous Things.

And last but not least, the celebrant was/is Liz, the actual owner of the Manoir. And yes, she is a proper certified celebrant and not just playing a role on the day!

Special thanks to our ‘wedding couple’, Sue & Dave, plus ‘the guests’ who helped give the ceremony some authentic flavour.

Supplier link will be added here shortly…

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