– BECKY & ED –


Firehorse Photography France

Every time I visit Chateau de Lisse, something has changed, been improved.

Well not every time as I shoot an average 3 weddings a year every year at this fabulous chateau venue, but every year.

Over the Winter, between in-house wedding planner Jo and the owners, some form of renovation or update happens.

It really is a different place to the first time I visited some 4 years ago, both inside and out.

Becky & Ed just knew it was the place for their 3 day wedding. The only thing they sadly did not get was beautiful weather.

At least, not for the full 3 days, but when it counted, when we really needed it, we got it. It often happens this way.

A ‘Meet, Greet & Eat’ BBQ happened on the Friday late afternoon/early evening with the wedding day proper on the Saturday.

The building itself can best be described as ‘neutral stone’ and the surrounding landscape is predominantly lush green.

So was the floral theme  (white, green & clean) by one of my fave florists in France, Faith @ Le Coeur Sauvage, – perfectly judged and complimentary.

And the day itself? It’s no secret, bridal prep is my favourite part of the day. I don’t know why, – I’m a bloke, but it produces what I feel is some of the best imagery of the day.

The ceremony conducted by celebrant Moira Stephen took place in the ancient chapel by candle-light and the weather held off long enough for confetti & drinks outside.

Then after a brief couple of showers, we did actually manage a handful of family groups outside and some couple stuff in the sun.

Sadly, a decision (the right one) had already been taken to hold the meal inside which on one hand was a shame as the view & evening light on the terrace is superb, but at the same time the re-decorated (for last season) dining room is beautiful & light.

Dancing took place in the Salle de Dance with tunes by DJ Downsey.

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