If you really want to get the feel for this or any other wedding, the best thing you can do is watch one of the productions such as above and below.

Above, we have the photography based slideshow production from all 3 days of Jess & Charlie’s wedding.

Below, the Wedding Film.

Below that, you can scroll through the individual images and if you were a guest, you might look to look at the entire set of images and buy a print or two if you like, but warning, this gallery is MASSIVE! Click here for a direct link to this international print order gallery.

So the specifics of J&C’s wedding at ‘The Wedding Village’, Castelnau des Fieumarcon

It began with an informal ‘meet & greet’ with drinks and mobile pizza van. These ‘come to the venue’ rather than ‘go to a restaurant’ always work much better than the latter alternative and are a lot of fun.

The ceremony took place on the sloped terrace with some partial shade from the blazing sun, but there was no real hiding from it and we knew that Summer had arrived properly in the Gers.

Drinks on the big lower terrace and outdoor meal & speeches on the top terrace followed.

And because this was a ‘destination wedding’ Day 03, a more relaxed affair, consisted of a BBQ picnic style lunch complete with a llama!