Dresses, shoes, flowers, makeup, makeup artists, hair, hairdressers, laughter, tears (good one’s) gifts from him (but earbuds?!) bridesmaids, flowergirls, mothers, fathers, champagne, cups of tea, there is always at least one croissant in the room somewhere, a pair of mice dressed as a bride & groom, a small dog unhappy about having to wear a tutu, buttoning, zipping, lacing and breathe, let’s get married.












Destination Wedding Photographer

What is a destination wedding? It’s a term that is used to describe and define a wedding take place outside of your own country of residence.

Because most of my clients (more than 95%) do not reside in France, for them, a wedding here (France) is a ‘destination wedding’.

What is a destination wedding photographer? Generally the term is applied to someone who shoots weddings overseas. I shoot most of my weddings in France these days so arguably I am more of a ‘domestic photographer’ with ‘destination clients’!

I’m still happy to travel anywhere that doesn’t have crazy visa restrictions or work permits that are cost-prohibitive so most likely, EU only countries these days.

To date, I have captured weddings in; the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Greece, USA, Mexico, Hong Kong, Australia & New Zealand.

Where would I like to shoot a wedding? India, Japan and a Nordic country would be my first choices.

The Top 3 venues for my ‘destination wedding’ clients local to me are; Castelnau des Fieumarcon, Chateau de Lisse and Chateau de Malliac.

A recent wedding from each can be found by clicking any of the 3 links:

Eline & Pieter, a Belgium couple who married at Castelnau Des Fieumarcon

Kim & Atle, a Norwegian couple who married at Chateau de Lisse

Sophie & Tom, a British couple who married at Chateau de Malliac