Wedding day of the year?


The first time I heard from Laura, I very reluctantly turned her down as I felt with a wedding in Provence the day prior, it would have been too much overnight travel to give her my best.

She’s persistent though and we came up with a plan to make it possible.

She also revealed it was potentially going to be a difficult day in several ways.

The first is that Laura has MS. She wanted to get married whilst she could still stand at least.

Second, at least one parent is extremely unwell.

The wedding was brought forward by a couple of weeks and took place on the 2nd September.

Oh and Laura & Erik are Dutch as are their family and friends (but I have yet to meet someone from the Netherlands who does not speak English better than some English speakers). And there was going to be something like 11 children to the 19 adults.

On paper, it could have sounded like a recipe for not disaster, but a challenging day.

Like I said above, – possible ‘Wedding of the Year’.

Actually, there is no such thing, but if there was, this could have been it and for one outstanding reason, – Laura.

The ‘problem’ that Laura has to live with is that she is so determined and doesn’t stop smiling. Ever. Or possibly she does, but not on her wedding day.

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So the wedding itself…

Chateau Coty is a delightful small chateau on the side of a hill close to the charming ancient hilltop village of Montjoi.

This small and intimate wedding (approx 30 people) was largely but not exclusively a DIY wedding with the chateau custodians taking care of the flowers and catering and the family the rest.

After prep, Laura, Erik and I popped up to the village square for a bit of photography of the couple on their own.

This was followed by a self-conducted ceremony with the bride’s brother taking the role of celebrant.

And then, back up to the village square where the family hastily set up tables and a few chairs for drinks, cake, a speech by Laura’s father and a balloon release.

After returning to the chateau, an elegant meal was served under the stars and citronella candles with further speeches and signing before being entertained by the talent that is Charlie Tyrrell Smith around the campfire.

It could have all gone horribly wrong… The date was already brought forward so all could attend, but even those few weeks might not have been possible.

It could have rained which would have entirely changed the perspective of the whole day.

Or Laura could have stopped smiling and the lights of the day would have gone out.

But she didn’t. Not once.

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