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Simon! They’re utterly gorgeous! We love them and can’t stop staring at them. You captured moments beautifully!
We’ve loved seeing a few pop up on IG everyday as well – everyone has been saying how lovely all the pictures are! Thank you so much!

Anouska & Tom

There are days when you get all your ducks in a row. It’s a Yorkshire saying.

I’m from Yorkshire, but I’m not sure how many people actually use this saying…

I prefer, ‘when the planets align’ or ‘when the fat lady sings’, and oh, did they align and she did indeed sing, all day and very very loudly.

That isn’t to take away from anyone else’s day, just that some either get it more right than others (by design), or just get luckier (such as the weather).

La Vie en Rose was the song that Anouska walked in to the outdoor ceremony at Castelnau des Fieumarcon last Saturday.

It literally translates as ‘life is pink’ or as we might say in the English language, ‘rosy’.

Results in wedding photography are based on multiple factors, but the primary one’s are; time, scenario, weather/light, but the primary one has to be time as without it, no other factor matters.

And that was the element that Anouska & Tom got so right. I may have had a hand in it as I advise all my couples at the earliest opportunity…

Scenarios we have less control over but again can advise.

The weather, – zero control, – we get what we are given. In this case, sunshine from start to finish.

Now us photographers don’t really like bright sunshine as in clear blue skies unless it’s later in the day and the timing of A&T’s wedding could not have been better.

For an outdoor ceremony, you ideally need shade and for it to happen later in the day. Check.

For outdoor drinks, later still (obviously) and preferably not prior to 5pm when the light is harshest. Even later is better. Check.

For an outdoor meal, ‘golden hour’ and the time around it. Check.

The result is their unrepeatable wedding photography results & memories align and sign very very loudly.

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