Where to start with this one…?

Pretty special is probably a good way to describe it.

One thing I say to all my clients is the more you include me, the better the result will be.

Case proved yet again!

I met Kiki the bride three times prior to the wedding and the groom Avram twice.

The first time was at ‘The Village’, Castelnau des Fieumarcon prior to them booking (which they did) and then again at mine (when Kiki and MOH Dana, were over from The States for some wedmin), when Ajna wedding planner at Oui Mon Coeur came on board. And then for the third time the day prior.

I’ve always said this and I will continue to always say this and that is results do not happen by magic or accident, but by design.

If I’m not in tune with exactly what’s going on and have been able to have some input from a photographer/filmmakers perspective, then I’m going to spend most of the day reacting and not acting.

Reacting can get some results and indeed parts of the day, a photographer is arguably reacting to events, but the more in tune we are with a wedding in the first place, the more likely we are to be in the right place at the right time and have our capture gear, AKA cameras, set up correctly for what is about to unfold.

So on the third occasion I met the couple, we didn’t need to spend any time trying to get to know each other, because we already did having spent a few hours together on two previous occasions. This meant we could simply get on with the more important stuff.

The ‘more important stuff’ on this day prior was a couple only photo-shoot around the hilltop town of Lectoure and in one of the many sunflower fields that this part of France is renowned for.

Then there was a Spanish themed nibbles & cocktails evening followed by Paella and pre-wedding speeches on one of the terraces as the sun went down.

The results of the above are in the slideshow production as the highlight stills below have been reserved for wedding day only pics.

Wedding Day. The main event.

To say a lot of time & effort went into this wedding would be an understatement. It was a LOT.

Especially by Ajna the wedding planner & designer and by the bride herself. The amount of time Kiki spent individually hand-making various elements of the day was huge.

The day started with bridal prep in one house and groom prep in another. As per norm, I flitted between the two.

Then we did the very American thing (as in very few Europeans do this) the ‘first look’. The turret that juts out of the French countryside had been decorated with a shade of white or off-white materials & textiles. Avram waited… Kiki arrived…the sun was a bit blinding, but we managed.

Soon after, the bridal party arrived. That is the bridesmaids and groomsmen. This was followed by a pre-ceremony drinks reception in the welcome shade by the chapel.

The ceremony took place outdoors and was an emotional affair conducted by Kiki’s brother and a drinks reception followed back out on the big terrace.

The meal and speeches took place as the sunset under a wigwam on the top terrace and then SW France’s newest nightclub (for one night only) ‘Wild Revelry’ opened for business!

Tremendous wedding all in all.

Full gallery including international print ordering facility available by clicking here.

Notable Mentions:

Wedding Planner = Ajna at Oui Mon Couer

Florist = Faith at Le Couer Sauvage

Venue & Catering = Castelnau des Fieumarcon