Finally got to shoot this one! Both one of the biggest fans of my work (self-confessed Instagram stalker!) Jaclyn and the venue itself.

Which came first, Jaclyn or Goudourville?

I’m pretty sure it was Vancouver, Canada based bride, Jaclyn. Then the chateau, which once it was on my radar, I was very much looking forward to as A: it’s pretty fabulous looking and B: it’s not much more than an hour from my house.

As is ALWAYS the case when you end up with a fantastic wedding day and set of results, we had a lot of discussion on the planning side from time of booking right up to and on the wedding day itself.

And to be married legally/officially by your new father-in-law? Helps when you are marrying a Frenchman (groom David) and his father just happens to be the town mayor!

As always, it’s the pics that really tell the story, but some brief words…

Prep = exceptional. My ‘thing’ (if possible) is to combine ‘contre-jour’ (in brief, shooting into the light/backlit subject) and ‘chiaroscuro’ (extremes of light and shade within a scene) as much as possible. In a nutshell it requires; a darker room, but with a pool of light, ie, a window. It requires a hair and makeup artist who are happy to work in that pool (and why would they not be…but some don’t/won’t for zero explicable reason). And in this case, a small dog. The dog is optional, but in this case, travels everywhere with Jaclyn. If it was legal, she’d have also married the dog.

Hair & makeup by the dynamic duo that are: Nikki & Karen

The Ceremony: OK, it was a challenge working in the mairie, but we already knew that. However, it’s not about the blandness of the hall or Macron looking down at you from his framed print on the wall, but the people and the emotion. And that was available in spades. Even if the light was awful.

The Venue: Chateau de Goudourville and it’s owner/planner, Genevieve. There are accents in there somewhere, but my ancient keyboard doesn’t do French accents. Just wonderful.

And that is enough waffle to please Google so above, slideshow production (watch that ideally) and below, a selection of highlight pics.

If you were a guest and can read English, click here in order to access the full gallery and maybe order a print or two if you fancy it. Click here also if you are French, c’est cool.