Arrive by car, walk down the stairs, walk across a field, flowergirls say no, cellist, accordion, gospel choir, gran looks happy, mother is crying already, dab sweat from brow, that’s just dust in my eye, ring won’t go on, hand-fasting, sand ceremony, fluffed lines, he speaks, she speaks, they kiss, throw stuff at them, Maserati, it was all a blur, let’s get a drink.












France Wedding Videographer

After photographing weddings for the first 5-6 years of my career, I had become more than a bit fed up with videographers.

Why? For the simple reason that they were slow, worked too close to the subject and were ALWAYS in the way.

The result of this situation was that results suffered and as someone somewhat passionate about their craft, I could not let continue!

So what I did was recruit a ‘friendly videographer’, – my brother and created a service that complemented, not competed with my own coverage.

To then cut a very long story short, both experience and technology allowed me to do more and more video capture alongside my photography until the point a few years back where the integrated capture of both became seamless.

And that is how it is today. I can offer just photography capture. I can offer just video. Or, as most clients prefer, I can do both!

A couple of my favourite weddings to film recently have been that of;

Sophie & Tom at Chateau de Malliac, a venue local to me. Just a gorgeous late Summer/early Autumn wedding.

Amy & Aidan at Chateau Rigaud. This one is a great example of what the result can be like if it rains as it did pretty much all day.

Style? I would describe my style of wedding filming as ‘cinematic documentary’ that captures the story of your day as it unfolds with minimal direction or intrusion.