The Q&A’s below are not intended to be exhaustive, but should at the very least answer any initial questions you may have.  If I have failed to answer anything else you might have in mind, feel free to contact me direct and ask away!

Q: "Are you actually based in France?"

A: Yes, in the Gers in SW France, approximately 2 hours from Bordeaux, Toulouse and the corner where France meets Spain. Draw a triangle between those 3 and we are slap bang in the middle of that triangle. We moved here in 2016 from Harrogate, North Yorkshire where I grew up and went to school.

Q: "Do you work any/everywhere in France?"

A: Yes. Around 70% of the weddings I cover are in the SW including; Gers, Lot et Garonne, Dordogne, Charente for instance and the remaining 30% everywhere else including Loire, Languedoc, Provence, Cote D’Azur etc.

Q: "Do you work outside of France?"

A: Sometimes, yes. Most of my clients are having a ‘destination wedding’, ie, not in their own country, ie, 95% of my clients do not live in France but travel here to get married. I have photographed destination weddings in; Ireland, Italy, Greece, USA, Mexico, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. Obviously, it costs a little more and is priced on a case by case basis.

Q: "Do you work alone or as part of a team?"

A: Alone. Always have done. Another person just increases unnecessarily my/the profile at a wedding and the key to being low-profile is…well, being low-profile. It’s not an issue working alone, it’s a choice and a beneficial one.

Q: "What time do you start and finish?"

A: Early and late. I don’t count hours and so whilst some wedding days may only require 9 hours coverage, another might need 16. There’s no difference in cost. I’m there typically from 3 hours prior to ceremony time for bride & groom prep (with a landscape/venue shoot prior to that) until usually at least an hour after the first dance. It all depends on exactly what you have planned and designed to capture your FULL day.

Q: "Do you offer books and albums? We are not sure at this stage whether we want one..."

A: Sure. A sublime range of beautiful books and albums including Queensberry of New Zealand who we have been a partner with for over 15 years. This question and specific examples is best answered in the ‘PRINTED‘ section of this site.

Q: "How many pictures could we expect to receive?"

A: An oft asked question! It depends, – there is no set or fixed number and depends on a multitude of situations and scenarios such as; length of wedding day, location(s), number of guests, the weather, what you have planned, how wide you open your doors… Typically however, I quote 350-500+ colour pics from a typical day with approx 90% of those additionally provided in B&W, so  650-950+ in total is a good ball park. Sheer quantity has no meaning however, – choose quality every time.

Q: "We are the least photogenic couple on the planet and how do handle family group shots?"

A: Family groups first. Every couple has a story about a wedding they went to recently where the photographer(s) did endless family groups. More likely the couple gave them a large list or between the photographer and client, there was little prior discussion, no real formal list and they winged it. That is a recipe for disaster, ie, discussing and planning prior is key to efficiency on the day. My clients typically want and need between 4-8 family groups. Certain family scenarios might require 10/12 max.

Regarding couples who dislike having their photo taken and for whom ‘posing’ is a dirty word, well you make up at least 90% of my clients. This is normal. The single best way we can overcome and actually make this element of your coverage sing, is by you opting for the ½ day prior coverage option which includes a practice shoot. Having a practice shoot the day prior will provide a rehearsal that is not possible on the wedding day. It will ensure better results on the wedding day and in a shorter timescale ie, more time for you with your guests.

Q: "If you could recommend one single thing to us what would it be?"

A: Book the ½ day prior coverage option (if available). It will make a massive difference to what is then achievable on your wedding day and provide extra ‘X factor’ that otherwise is unlikely to exist. It includes; on-site meeting, product viewing session, practice photoshoot, landscape/venue shoot, low-key coverage of evening event.

Q: "How do you photograph and film a wedding at the same time?"

A: Trade secret! Well partially… Partly it’s about kit, partly it’s about having developed and refined the skill over a decade. I can discuss with booked clients in a lot more specific detail exactly how, but I’ve worked too hard to give up that info on a plate to others in the industry who wonder the same thing! Something I do know is that photography can achieve things that video cannot and visa versa. Having both covers all bases and something every couple should at least consider. You can find out more about filming by clicking here > FILMED.

Q: "How much do you charge?"

A: If the date is free, we will send you a full price list.

Q: "How do we book you/can we reserve a date?"

A: After checking the date is still free and after having sent you full pricing info and answering any questions you might have, by sending you the booking docs and you completing, returning and making a booking fee payment. We can only hold/reserve dates as actual bookings on the above basis.

Q: "What is your favourite colour, food, country to visit. And star sign?"

A: A mid/pale grey/blue with a touch of turquoise, Chinese, Japan and Scorpio.

Firehorse Photography are full-time specialists in wedding photography in France. Established in the year 2000, since that time we have photographed in excess of 650 weddings on 4 continents and many countries including; UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Greece, USA, Mexico, China, Australia and New Zealand. Firehorse Photography are based in France but are also destination wedding photographers especially interested in weddings in EU countries.