Firehorse Photography France

It’s nice when your work is recognised and featured somewhere and our latest France wedding album by Queensberry just has been on their blog (click here) including an interview.

Queensberry have been our principal album partner for most of my professional career in this industry, so for around 15 years and for one simple reason, – the albums they produce are sublime and the best available anywhere on the planet. If they were not, we wouldn’t be using them!

We have always been strong advocates of print and it’s still (and always will be) the ultimate form in regard to presenting & preserving your wedding memories and nothing beats a Queensberry album.

The full page by page artwork version of this album can be viewed by clicking here.

France-Wedding-Album-01 France-Wedding-Album-02 France-Wedding-Album-03 France-Wedding-Album-04 France-Wedding-Album-05