Kat & Tom’s France Country Wedding

A long time ago, in a department not so far away…

Well at the time of writing, just over 10 years ago and the Dordogne is about 2 hours distance, Kat & Tom got married.

Why am I mentioning this now?

It’s quite simple. 2020 was an utter disaster for the wedding industry.

I myself captured just 1 of 25 booked weddings due to Covid postponements and cancellations.

Net result, no income and no new portfolio material.

The same goes for my social media feed, mainly Instagram.

I’m getting a bit tired of rehashing recent weddings and the way things are going so far in 2021, there would be even more of that.

So instead, I’ve gone back 10 years into the archive.

The first thing that struck me is that these weddings have not dated in a decade.

Yes, there are some elements and choices that have not been recent trends, but we are hardly talking about your parents wedding!

I was kind of on the fence whether to even post some of them because my own style and technique has moved on. You’d think and hope so after 10 years!

But not so much I would be ashamed to post any of this ‘older’ work that I will be showcasing throughout ’21. Or at least until we get the OK on weddings starting back up.

I look at it and see my flaws. Hopefully you will look at it and see their joy.

Kat & Tom’s wedding took place at Chateau de la Bourlie.

Kat was from Australia. I suppose she will always be from Australia.

Tom is from Essex. Nothing wrong with that, my mother is from Essex.

Kat was shall we say a little tipsy quite early on. Tom just went with the flow.

For me, it was what would be become a typical France Country Wedding.

Despite having been to 400+ weddings at the time in the UK and a several overseas, this was actually only my second ever wedding in France.

I’ve since shot 100+ and this will be the 5th year I have lived here (in France) full-time.

Part 01 was their day prior practice shoot, evening GTG in Cadouin and the first part of the wedding day:

Part 02 is mostly the drinks reception:

Part 03 is the ‘couple shoot’ and evening stuff: