Hot from the printers (at least that was the case at the time of writing this) is the first batch of 2017 Firehorse Photography books!

We believe a book is the single best investment you can make in regard to the presentation & preservation of your wedding day memories.

Research shows that couples who only receive a disc or digital download, rarely do much (if anything) with it, ie, spend thousands…and have nothing to show for it.

Good intentions and all that, but life moves on and it does become a chore the longer you leave it, to that point it does not happen.

Having a book does need mean having some huge cumbersome album that lives on top of a dusty wardrobe, but something that lives on a bookshelf or a coffee table.

In a book, pictures live. On a disc, they die.

Who knows how long technology will last and in a few years, that digital download may be lost or that USB stick simply no longer works.

The book lives forever though and you see things differently with a book because you actually see and not swipe!

That’s one of the fundamental differences. We live in a digital, swiping/clicking world where everything (well many things) are ephemeral and fleeting.

A book though is solid. It’s physical. It’s tangible. It has texture. It has a smell. It forces interaction & engagement.

A book is forever.

On that basis, ALL our clients receive a book as part of our services. Well a book or a box of prints, but most choose the book as it’s a very portable and neat format.

We offer 2 sizes as illustrated, – our standard ‘F’ book and our larger ‘X’ book.

The ‘F’ book also doubles as a ‘parent book’ and is a replica of either your F or your X.

Below, are Kim & Iain’s set of X book for themselves and a pair of F book scale replicas for their parents.

To find out more or any questions, feel free to ask!