I shoot 25 weddings a year. That’s my year’s work. Doesn’t sound much does it? But every wedding is a working week, so that’s 25 weeks work.

Then because I also film approximately 50% of all the weddings I attend, that’s another 12-13 weeks work. All told, it’s 37-38 weeks work a year.

Sounds alright doesn’t it?! Almost like a teachers year…except I work all Summer approx 75-90 hours a week, every week. Non-stop. For months.

I need/deserve those several months off I have over the Winter. But what is this ramble exactly about? Featured weddings, – what makes some wedding ‘Featured’.

Back to the 25 a year. Not every wedding can be a featured wedding, so what makes one? Not to do a disservice to every other wedding that is not ‘featured’ but it has to have something distinctly unique about it. That isn’t to say many other weddings could not have made the cut. They could, but I have to draw the line somewhere…

So this one, – why is it special?

Well for one thing, it was the most ‘handmade’ wedding I think I have ever been to (including my sisters and that was pretty handmade, by our mother mostly) and other than the DJ and 2 local ladies employed to do the washing up (but nothing more), I was the only professional there.

The first thing that struck me about Livvy & Alex before I’d even met them, was how enthusiastic, yet laid back they were. I got the sense of this from our communications leading up to the wedding and it was confirmed on meeting them the day prior.

So when I say ‘handmade’ and ‘only professional there’ (other than the DJ in the evening), it really was the case. No florist, no makeup artist or hairdresser, no caterers, no pro musicians, – nope, they did it all themselves. Everyone got stuck in with whatever they were best at. Picking and arranging wildflowers. Making canapes. Serving canapes. Serving the main meal. Cooking the meal. Forgetting to put the Potato Dauphinoise into the oven making the drinks reception run over by an hour to fabulous effect. DIY, it’s all on you. And it was brilliant.

The sun shone. The location of everything was great. The timing was spot (ahem, I helped with that). The potatoes not going in the oven in time gifted us some extra special light at ‘golden hour’. We were planning on nipping out for it anyway, but circumstances dictated, drinks were still going on anyway.

Words words words… It’s all best told in pictures, pictures, pictures. See above and below and enjoy.