The fifth of five galleries that give an overview of the type of images I provide to my clients.

There is some further info below the portfolio, but you might like to enjoy the pretty pictures first…

Party Party Party

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This is the chapter of the day where there is probably the most diversity in clients weddings.

Why is difficult to pinpoint, but a lot of it has to do with the light/lighting, colour and just what has been planned.

It includes: speeches (toasts), meal, cake, dancing and sometimes more…

It’s definitely the most colourful part of the day whether indoors or out which you can see from comparing this particular portfolio to the five others that preceded it.

Top tips: Just like ceremony, outdoors generally produces more opps than indoors, albeit the gap is less of a gulf. Round or double sided top tables kill coverage of speeches for photographers & filmmakers as do table decorations over 12″/30cm in height (and even lower is better). Bands usually beat DJ’s for atmosphere and lighting. Personal opinion, but I also believe it to be a fact based on 18+ years industry experience. Others MMV.

So enjoy the party pics above which as with all these galleries are just a tiny snapshot of what’s possible.