The third of five galleries that gives an overview of the type of images I provide to my clients.

There is some further info below the portfolio, but you might like to enjoy the pretty pictures first…

Champagne, oysters and people having a good time

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Cocktail Hour?

Rarely see cocktails served and if it’s just an hour, I’d suggest it’s bit short!

Us Brits…though I live in France and married to an American, I am one, well we call it ‘the drinks reception’.

An ideal length I’d suggest is 1.5 hours but 2 is the norm for weddings in France or even longer if extended canapes are replacing the first course of the meal and is an increasing norm. And why not? It means more time mingling with guests and less time stuck sitting at a table. Think about that one, it’s worth considering…

Another of my favourite parts of the day, though the part where I probably work the hardest as during this time I generally need to: capture you and your guests chatting informally. Normally around 30-40 minutes of that to get a good spread of images. Pictures of plates of canapes and drinks. Formal family group pictures (not really shown in this portfolio other than a few more relaxed ones). Tablescapes (because once you have sat, it’s game over in that regard) and couple only (in the next chapter).

So the above gallery is a brief snapshot of the type of images that this part of the day provides, – totally unscripted.

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