G’day. I didn’t realise that Clare & Andrew were Aussies until I met them the day prior. A London address caused me to make assumptions. But upon meeting them, like 50% of the London, Aussies!

The location for this weekend’s wedding was Le Chateau Charmant and was my second of three visits this year.

Last time round, it was mixed weather, starting wet but rapidly improving. Alas, it didn’t improve enough early on for the planned outdoor ceremony & meal to take place, but no such issues for Clare & Andrew.

After our day prior meeting and practice photo-shoot, it was off to nearby Aubeterre-Sur-Drone for drinks & food at the Hotel de France, also familiar territory from previous weddings in the area.

So the wedding day itself. Wall to wall sunshine, as you’d expect, or at least hope for in July in SW France.

Planned and executed to perfection by Nathalie at Marry Me in France, both the ceremony & meal took place outdoors as planned.

All in all, a fabulous day mostly due to the fabulous people involved, clients, guests and suppliers.

Above is a slideshow highlights production and below a selection of those also. A full international print ordering gallery can be found by clicking here.