I’m not really the kind of person who goes around patting myself on the back. Really, I don’t. But then sometimes you just have to say, “yes, I had a pretty good day at the office”.

With Chloe and Ryan’s wedding at Chateau de Lisse, I had a FANTASTIC day at the office.

But, the results from any wedding day are as much about you as they are what I do. I can only do what you allow me and to an extent, the weather and lighting conditions allow. The ‘secret’ is to let me in and embrace what I do.

And that is what Chloe & Ryan did. She’s been following me on Instagram for some time so I always knew that the capture of her wedding was important. After meeting the day prior to their wedding, we fine-tuned a few details in regard to the day to follow and had a practice photo-shoot around the grounds.

The sun shone from start to finish and the day unfolded just as they had meticulously planned.

I want to draw specific attention to 3 key areas of this wedding that really stood out for me in regards to results.

1: Bride and Groom prep. This stuff doesn’t just happen by accident, but by design. It’s about location, lighting and timing. Get all three right and the magic happens.

2: Couple session. We split this into two sessions, a 20 minute one during the drinks reception, though as advised, mid afternoon is not the best time to do this kind of thing. The best time is during ‘golden hour’. That magical lighting time (providing it’s been a sunny day) approx 45 minutes prior to sunset and 15 minutes after. Post meal and speeches, we slipped away for another 10 minutes to take advantage of the opportunity.

3: Eating outdoors. Obviously, there needs to be a certain temperature and around 20 degrees C is probably a good cut off, ie, above is good, but below can get a bit cool as it gets dark. Plus, ideally it needs to be sunny and though we have had a few less than great days in France so far this year, for Chloe & Ryan’s wedding, it was golden.

So it was a day of fabulous bride and groom prep which is actually one of my favourite parts of the wedding day. If done right.

Ceremony took place in the chapel and was conducted by celebrant Moira.

Hair was by Annette Carr with makeup by bride.

Flowers by the ever superb Faith @ Le Coeur Sauvage.

Catering by Jean-Marc and the team at Chateau de Lisse.

Evening DJ James Carr.

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