I don’t know why it is, but some of the shortest notice weddings are the best.

Maybe it’s because there is so little planning time you just have to get on with it, but whatever the reason (or maybe it’s just coincidence), but I have had a lot of success with short notice weddings.

How short is ‘short notice’? Under 2 weeks normally and this was the case with Amy & Aidan’s wedding at Chateau Rigaud.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, – venue experience makes zero difference to results. There is nothing a competent photographer will not discover on the morning of any wedding day. In fact, given the option, I’d choose a new venue over a previously visited one every time if I could as there is always a certain magic that only comes with that first time.

So Chateau Rigaud was completely new to me. I took a quick glance at it on Google just to see what and where it was, but other than that, prefer to not look too deeply (and certainly not at what anyone else has done there) and instead, find out for myself.

This was ‘3 day’ coverage based on; 1/2 day prior, full wedding day and 1/2 day post in order to capture the full weekend of what is a destination wedding. It’s rare for many of my clients to book less than 2 days and you always get more bang for your buck when you book multi-day coverage.

Day 01 involved meeting plus drinks & eats down at the restaurant, Au Four de la Rive. It didn’t just rain, it bucketed down and the thunder rolled and lightning flashed. It made things a little dark shall we say, but everyone still had a good time.

Day 02 Wedding Day: Ah…that planned outdoor ceremony…well it had to take place indoors but as there is nothing anyone can do about these things, all you can do is get on with it. And embrace it. As a photographer/videographer, surely I don’t much like wet days? Au contraire. As long as there is a wet weather option. It doesn’t happen very often and does make a change from perfect blue skies and the harsh sunshine of mid-afternoon weddings which can create another set of issues for the creatives! Despite the weather glitch, the rest of the day went like clockwork.

Day 03 was a lunch and pool party day and at last, the weather turned and the sun came out to play.

Above, there is Amy & Aidan’s Wedding Film. Below, there is a slideshow based on all 3 days. Below that, a series of highlight images and if you were a guest, you can access the full gallery here which is also an international print ordering facility with 40% discount available for the first 10 days.

A final note of thanks and credit where it’s due. I work at venues all over France. A warm welcome is not always guaranteed. I don’t think I have ever been treated better at a venue than I have by owner Anna and her team at Rigaud. I don’t just say that either to earn ‘Brownie Points’. She/they really do have something special going on there, – pretty faultless in every area. Chateau Rigaud has gone right to the top of my recommended places for consideration for a wedding in France and I look forward to my next visit. Because I am going back…

Venue = Chateau Rigaud

Hair & MUA = Laura Cawte