Hidden Gem. It’s a cliche phrase perhaps but if ever that title could be applied to somewhere, it’s this place.

I was recently asked to start a project of photographing the place in regard to future weddings.

There have been one or two small/minor affairs but nothing ‘serious’. Yet. But now the owner along with a dedicated experienced wedding planner, will be offering exclusive weddings here starting in 2019.

I’m hoping to photograph a few of them!

Set in the heart of the rolling hills of rural Gascony and close to the ancient royal town of Nerac, this place stole my heart as soon as the owner, Jean-Michel opened the huge gate to me a few weeks ago.

Ideally, it’s going to be suited to weddings of up to around 60 persons. Outdoors, there is plenty of space so theoretically, it could take more, but as most will choose to eat in the Orangery, realistically, you’d need to limit this to 60 people max.

Ditto, the indoor option, – a fabulous upper story dining room with spectacular views. Unfortunately, not quite ready for photos so will come back to that one.

The chateau also boasts 2 apartments, but there is plenty of hotel and gite accommodation very close by.

The garden is what sells it. It’s absolutely magical and complete with ornamental pond, the orangery as mentioned, plus a fabulous pigonnier.

For more details and to check availability and I will put you in direct contact with the wedding planner Jo.