FINALLY, a wedding in 2020!

OK, it took until the 29th July and the way things are in the world, it may still turn out to be my one and only 2020 wedding.

Officially, I still have another 4 remaining to take place in Sep & Oct, but in ‘Covid-2020’, we won’t know until we get right up to those dates.

Fingers and toes crossed…

But the main event, – the Chateau du Bois-Guy wedding of Charlotte & Thibault.

Below is C&T’s Wedding Film.

Next up thanks to a wedding supplier (a florist I think?) who Charlotte’s mum met at a wedding fair in the UK in 2019.

She kindly recommended me as someone she had met and worked with back when I was still resident in the UK and mentioned she still followed me on Instagram.

Well, it ended up as a booking and that became an actual 2020 wedding 1 week ago to date as I write.

Charlotte is originally from Yorkshire and Thibault French, from just down the road from me in fact in Tarbes.

Coincidently, Charlotte’s best friend & bridesmaid and Thibault’s brother got married at my most local of wedding venues, Chateau de Malliac, proving what a small world this is!

The Venue

Chateau du Bois-Guy

Chateau du Bois-Guy

Their wedding those was about as far from me as it’s possible to get in France, way up in Brittany at Chateau du Bois-Guy.

This was my first visit to the place and as I always say, it makes absolutely zero difference if I have visited a venue previously or not. Absolutely none.

I love new venues as much as previously existing one’s and there is only one constant and that is a good wedding is a good wedding.

Charlotte & Thibault’s was not a good wedding.

It was a GREAT wedding.

Rusty after 10 months off?

No, it was like riding a bike.


I often say this, but bride prep is probably my favourite part of the day to cover. There’s just something special about the imagery it can produce and the transformation…

That dress by the way is by Rosa Clara.


I don’t tend to cover that many church weddings in France but when I do, one or other (or both) tend to be French.

Charlotte & Thibault & Cadillac

Because there are not that many church weddings in France, there are not many wedding cars. We had one this time though!

Drinks Reception / Cocktail Hour / Vin d’Honneur

A very relaxed affair complete with DJ and saxophonist plus hot plate canapes.

Charlotte & Thibault 2

I think we can let the pictures do the talking about these two…



Maybe one day I will be back there…

If you were a guest, you can click here to access the full gallery with international print ordering facility.