OK, it didn’t go quite as planned…

The plan was for a 3 day outdoor wedding (other than dancing on the wedding day in the middle), but the weather gods decreed it was not to be.

Friday, the sun shone and it was mid 20’s as it should be in this part of the world. Guests arrived and assembled for drinks and pig roast in one of the courtyards at this fabulous wedding venue.

Saturday though, it turned overnight as had been consistently predicted for well over a week. The temperature plummeted to around 13/14 degrees C and if it was not raining, the skies were grey.

It’s a difficult scenario for a couple, especially when the bride, her family and a lot of her friends, are from California where the sun never stops shining!

But there is one thing inclement weather can never do and that is stop the wedding!

This one had two key advantages in this regard and those were…

The venue: Chateau de Malliac on the edge of the beautiful Montreal-du-Gers in South West France is a fabulous venue offering plenty of scope for an indoor wedding.

The planner: Patricia from Country Weddings in France has a huge amount of experience in wedding planning and this was far from being the first wet wedding that she has encountered.

Prep: I love bridal prep. I’ve said it in many posts previously, but it’s one of my favourite parts of the day and is the perfect first principal chapter to any wedding day.

Ceremony: It was planned to have been outdoors on one of the lawns, but instead was in one of the large barns. A little darker than ideal for a photographer, but had a certain drama to the available lighting!

Drinks reception: The weather was still doing it’s thing outside, so in the barn.

Couple stuff: We actually managed to get out for a bit with the use of umbrellas and some great pics can be made with this scenario.

Meal: Again, should have been outdoors, but instead, in another barn (and again, one of the many pluses of Chateau de Malliac and that is that it offers these other options, – some venues do not!) and it’s a pretty gorgeous barn.

The day after: Brunch and pool party…except we ended up doing a pool party of 2 + inflatable plan. The best laid plans eh…

Beautiful wedding and lovely lovely people…but yeah, we could all have done with a bit of sunshine!

Highlight slideshow above based on all 3 days. Highlight pics from the wedding day (including landscapes captured the day prior).

Full gallery including international print ordering facility available by clicking here.