Château de Clauzade (Editorial) Wedding Shoot

Where to start with this one…

I’ve visited a lot of places over a lot of years and as the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

To be honest, my first impression of this place was not that great…but that was not and is not the venue’s fault!

A handful of pics on the non-wedding site which were far from great and not only did not sell the place, put me off a bit.

But it turned out I wasn’t looking at the wrong site anyway and I should have been looking at this one.

Sam(antha not uel), the in house planner assured me it was in fact a beautiful place and a bit more special than the handful of pics on-line would suggest.

And that was and is exactly the case.

I turned up on a late Saturday afternoon the evening before this planned ‘editorial wedding shoot’ and instantly, there was a bit of magic in the air.

Maybe it was a the light at that time of day…

Maybe it was the mixed scent of wood polish and old books…

Maybe it was the warm greeting or even just the charm of the place itself?

It was probably a mixture of all these factors but could not have been anything much if the place wasn’t just ‘right’.

And that’s what it is, just ‘right’.

Full of character, history, comfort and warmth.

And as for the shoot, well that’s all below in video and pictures.

An ‘editorial wedding shoot’ is not a real wedding. The couple are not a real couple and though our ‘bride’ Lily has done a modelling job before, our ‘groom’ Max has not and neither are or have been married so this was all pretty new to them.

The highlight of it all was the showcase styling and the full cast list of those involved is listed below the pics.


It doesn’t take a lot of people to make these things happen, but it takes a very special group of talent. And a lot of effort.

The crew and collaborators on this one were:

VENUE:  Château De Clauzade – La Chaussée Estate, Charente

WEDDING DRESS: Peter Kelly of Bangkok

PLANNING/STYLING/DECOR: Samantha Webb @Ouiici in collaboration with Jenny Fairbanks @Ourfabulousthings for tableware, crystal and cutlery.

FLOWERS: Fleurs et Nature in Saintes 

HAIR & MAKEUP: Claire Jones

SILK LINGERIE: Ann Rosebrook


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