There are weddings. Then there are WEDDINGS.

Célia & Alex had a WEDDING.

I had met Alex before, at his brother Barth’s wedding to an Irish girl, Helen. Alex & Barth’s side of the family were French. And still are. But this time, so was ‘her’ side.

I don’t do that many 100% French weddings in France as most of my clients are English speaking either as a first language, or very good second. I knew from meeting the groom’s side of the family before that if this wedding was anything like the last, it was going to be something a bit special.

And special it was.

Bride prep was a bit tight for space in the room used at Chateau la Fourtonie. Groom prep was even tighter (the ground floor of a former pigonnier). If I could have changed one thing, it would have been a little more space for this, but otherwise… Not. A. Thing.

The ceremony took place under an old oak tree way across the field which made for the most dramatic of bridal approaches, with Célia making the near 5 minute walk accompanied by her brother.

The ceremony itself was quite long at nearly an hour but combined most of the speeches and was conducted by no other than my former groom and Alex’s brother, Barth. And his wife, my former bride Helen, sang.

By the time we got to the drinks reception, it was early evening and so the light was perfect for candid and couple photography. Too many get married far too early in the day and as a result, not only have harsh light for their ceremony, but also for the duration of the ‘cocktail hour’. But for C&A’s wedding, – perfection. Oh and there was a flashmob dance orchestrated by several friends!

The meal and a few more speeches…or rather family & friends performances, took place in the barn.

Just huge fun from start to finish with utterly fabulous people.

Above, a slideshow production. Below, a series of highlights. In order to access the full gallery if you were a guest, click here.