Wedding 3 of 4…possibly 5 of this somewhat curtailed season, was that of Cat & Hugh.

This was my first actual visit to Chateau Plombis, though several visits should have previously happened in both ’20 and ’21.

Well I’m going to look forward to going back as I loved the place, it’s a really great set up.

Worst case scenario (ie, wet weather), it has options, but ultimately it’s a great outdoor wedding venue which is the main reason folks choose to have a wedding in France right?

At one stage a week prior, it looked like a Plan B was going to need to be enabled because the forecast looked dreadful.

It then picked up. It then flip flopped for a few days to the point where it really was 50:50 for the day prior, the Friday, but the Sat & Sun were looking good.

And that is exactly what happened… Friday was very much a case of 50:50 weather but the next 2 days were perfect.

This is my thing; multi-day and hybrid coverage, ie, photo AND video.

That’s what I did here.

One day, when I retire or there are enough people offering similar, maybe I’ll talk more about just how I manage this, but for now, let’s just say the proof is in the pudding.

Puddings below, split into 3.

Day 01, Day 02, Day o3.

Let’s start with Day 01 as I’m a chronological kind of guy…

Meet & greet welcome drinks party at La Cage Aux Oiseaux at Montjoi, a village on a hill that can be seen the ceremony woodland area at Plombis.

It was a bit wet to start and got dark quite quickly, but at least dried up enough for some boules.

Film below and then some pics.

Day 02 – The Wedding Day

The planner for this wedding was Jo from The Impeccable Pear.

The caterer was Jo’s husband, Jean-Marc, Le Chef Impeccable.

I have done to date 15+ weddings with this team so we know each other quite well.

Floral stuff was by Jo’s right hand woman, Victoria.

Make-up was by friend Alana Campbell.

Hair by Nikki Treacy.

Evening DJ & Band, The Fusion Girls.

The bit I loved most about this wedding/day was the outdoor eating under the stars, both real and artificial.

If you were a guest and have been given the password, you can click here and insert it and enter the full gallery.

Another film and some more pics below…

Day 03 – POOL PARTY!

A pretty relaxed, chilled affair as these things tend to be.

A lunch of pulled pork, grilled chicken, salads etc and whatever gin was left over from the nigh before.

Plus Aperol. You have to have Aperol if it’s a wedding in France. It’s de rigeur. Which is also French.

I then slipped away quietly, some time around mid afternoon back to the real world of downloading and editing monumental amounts of photography and video.

Such is my life…

Final film and pics to conclude: